The orthopedists in the town are earning quite a lot these days. Five out of ten people are racked with weak bones and joint pains. There are more grievous issues prevailing, such as that of hernia, colon cancer, heart complications and mushy abs. Although the reasons for these can be numerous, one of the most common cause can be the inactive sitting positions at the work place. The white collar jobs require constant working on the computer, which demands long hours of sitting. Although there are international IT companies abroad coming up with alternative ideas of switching on to standing postures while working, we are not very sure as to how far it is going to be empirical. The demand of office chairs is going to remain high for many more years, at least in a country like ours. ASTER CHAIRS is driven with the mission to model ergonomic desk chairs to suit all workplaces. We focus on features that would ensure proper posture and extra back support by looking into their adjustability. Our chairs, with arm rests, average height backs and adjustable seats, support your lower back keeping your feet flat on the ground. It eases leg circulation and checks swelling of the foot. The muscles of the body get strengthened and allays the back, hip, arms and neck. Triggering of your core muscles is definite to trigger your worksman spirit.