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Revolving Chairs in Chennai, Bangalore


Revolving Chairs in Chennai, Bangalore - Sitting on a desk at your office all day can really take its course on your back and spine. Sitting in revolving chairs for a long period of time is sure to cause lower back pain or tend to worsen an existing back problem. An important reason for this is that sitting in an office chair continuously for 8 hours or more than 8 hours in a static posture increases stress at the back, shoulders, arms and legs and can add large amount of stress and pressure to the spinal cord and back muscles.
While sitting in the same position for long hours, the natural tendency for most of the people is to lean back and crouch down on the chair. This position might overstretch the spinal cord and stress the discs and the surrounding structure in the spine. As this sitting posture continues it can damage the spinal structure or worsen the back problem that you already have.


  • A Revolving chairs in chennai is something when used properly is said to help one give maximum support to their back and to maintain a good posture throughout your office timing. Revolving Chairs in Chennai do keep this in mind while manufacturing these office chairs for you.
  • Just having an Revolving chairs in chennai isn’t enough. You need to adjust the chair according to your body's comfortability so that it can reduce problem occurring on your spine.
  • The first thing to do is establish the height of the desk.
  • It is generally determined by the type of work done and the height of the person.
  • The height of the desk might vary and will require different types of revolving chairs in chennai accordingly.
  • Once this has been figured out the person who is going to use the revolving chair can adjust it according to their physical proportions. Revolving chairs in Chennai provide you with facilities with which you can make yourself comfortable in your office chairs.

Features to look for in revolving chairs

The following features are very important to consider when looking for revolving chairs:
  • Seat height - should be easily adjustable.
  • Seat width and depth - should have enough width and depth to support any user comfortably.
  • Lumbar support - lower back support is very crucial.
  • Backrest – should be adjustable in both vertical and backward/forward directions.
  • Arm rests - should be adjustable.
  • Swivel - any ergonomic chair should rotate easily .
  • Stability - a five star base is recommended for most working environments.
  • Seat material - the material on the seat and back should have enough padding to be comfortable to sit on for extended periods of time.

How to Choose Revolving Office Chair

It may not seem like a big deal, but selecting the right revolving chair for your desk or office can make a difference in your health and comfort. Sitting for extended periods of time can put a large amount of stress on the back and spine, which can result in back problems and serious discomfort. Learning more about how to select the proper revolving office chair can help you avoid these health issues, improve your posture and stay comfortable throughout your work day.
  • Evaluating the Chair's Adjustment Capabilities
  • Consider who will be using the chair
  • Make sure elements of the chair can be individually adjusted.
  • Evaluating the Chair's Back Support
  • Check the chair for adequate upper and middle back support.
  • Examine the chair's lumbar support.
  • Consider if you can tilt the seat of the chair.
There are few important guidelines that you need to keep in mind. With these guidelines provided by the revolving chairs in Bangalore you can make sure that your chair and your work area are comfortable and doesn’t stress your spine.


  • To start of with sit comfortably and as close as possible to your desk. See to that your upper arms are parallel to your spine.
  • Place your hands on the desk and adjust your revolving chair either up or down such that your elbow is at 90 degrees to your desk.


  • As soon as you sit, check and see if you can easily slide your fingers under your thigh at the edge of the revolving chairs. If it is too tight you need to change the adjustment with an adjustable footrest.
  • If you are tall, then you first need to adjust the height of your desk and then raise the height of your chair.


  • Try to move your fist between the back of your calf and front of the chair, when your bottom is pushed against the chair.
  • If you cannot move, then you probably need to adjust the backrest forward insert a lower back support like a pillow or a support cushion.


  • While sitting comfortably on your revolving chair, close your eyes for a while.
  • When you open it, your gaze should be at the centre of your computer screen.
  • If the screen is higher or lower than where you are looking at, then adjust it to reduce the strain on your upper spine.


  • An armrest is an important part of the revolving chairs in Bangalore as it reduces stress off your upper spine and shoulders.
  • Revolving chairs in Bangalore are mostly designed to make us feel comfortable and help relieve stress on the joints. The type revolving chairs that reduces the back problems are different from one another.

    The most common complaint among office goers is the lower back pain. To avoid this it is a must that you buy a revolving chairs with lumber support which supports your lower back.

    To have a clear idea about which one to choose for bad backs take a look at this list.


  • The freedom chairs from humanscale by the revolving chairs in Chennai is said to be the best office chair for your back problem because it extremely supports your head, neck and the back and is completely adjustable.
  • This revolving chairs in Bangalore is made of leather cushions and it looks and feels great that you will be super comfortable and cozy.
  • And it has black and brown leather options that will look good and stylish in any work place.
  • Some users have also mentioned that the itself is so lightweight. It is reliable and since it is fully adjustable you will be able to automatically adjust the chair.
  • Even for a home office this chair is a great investment.


  • This revolving chairs in Bangalore has got particular design features that makes it naturally adaptable to your body’s comfort level.
  • It has a wide back that supports your lower back and ceases pressure and the dipped front helps with the pressure on thighs which improves circulation throughout the day.
  • Due to the lack of cushioning it might look a little uncomfortable. Out of all the other chairs on the list, this is the priciest.


  • This chair's unique design makes it the best chair for back pain. Most office chairs manufacturer in Bangalore suggest this chair for bad backs. Its frameless back with no hard edges allows full range of movement while you are sitting in the chair.
  • It is designed with elastoflex cushioning.
  • For the eco friendly people out there, this chair is just great for you as it is made of fewer materials to keep their carbon footprint down.


  • Another office chair from humanscale is the traditional office chair if you need help with your posture.
  • It has automatic lumbar support that is designed according to the way you sit and also has counterbalance recline system which makes your movement around the chair easy.
  • It looks smart as well as works smart as it is made from faux leather. Even for small workplaces this is an ideal chair.


  • This office chairs manufacturer in Chennai has got a super high back, which makes it one of the best chairs for bad backs, particularly when sitting for prolonged hours.
  • The chair is adjustable so you can fix and control the angle in which you sit in.
  • To ensure whether the chair remains the same when getting up and sitting down, it has got safety casters which uses a pressure sensitive break.


  • If you want to spend very less money, yet make it useful then you can trust investing it on this revolving chairs .
  • It offers a sleek back design with a mesh back to provide lumbar support.
  • Another lovely aspect about this chair is that it is so easy to move it and they work fine on hardwood floors.


  • For an revolving chairs in chennai, this one might seem a little odd but considering the fact that it positions your spine in such a way that it doesn't put any pressure on your muscles or joints.
  • You can adjust it as you like and it is padded to keep your knees comfortable.
  • The idea behind this chair is that you sit with your knees in a bent position that helps align your spine in the right position.

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